JavaWords is a blog completely dedicated to the Java Programming Language. It’s an attempt to share my knowledge with the world. I don’t claim the title of Guru, and I will not try to give this blog any kind “professional” look. Having spent the last years of my life working with Java on various projects, I realized two things:

  • Java is an amazing, well structured and beautiful language, providing the means to accomplish countless targets.
  • It takes a lot of searching, reading, trying, testing, digging and so on until you reach your goal, especially at the beginning of your efforts.

The first statement is a subjective judgment, and its not logical to expect everyone to agree. The second statement is in my opinion the strongest argument someone can use to support the opposite of the first. Along with Java’s flexibility there comes complexity, which in turn leads in consuming more time to achieve a solution.
What I try here is to help others save time by writing about things I’ve already done. I will collect and summarize information and list the steps involved, upload sample code and refer tools and packages that I’ve found the most convenient to use.

If you find out any inaccuracies in my JavaWords, please leave a comment. Feel free to contact me, I’m eager to read your questions and suggestions..


The best information I have found exactly here. Keep going, Thank you.

Posted at June 15th, 2009 - 8:08 am

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